what to do in London

What to do in London: Canoeing up the River Thames with Bookado

What to do in London: Canoeing up the River Thames with Bookado

Whether you’re staying a day, a week or you live here, think outside the box when it comes to planning what to do in London.

Since our return to London the main focus has been to see what our fabulous city has to offer. In and amongst the usual tourist hotspots, we’re keen to explore other ways to see London too. Enter, Bookado!

What is Bookado?

Launching in the summer of 2019 (so, basically now!), Bookado is the go-to booking platform for activities and days out in the UK. Sometimes you just need a website that does all the work for you; whether it’s a solo adventure or a group activity, Bookado has what to do in London on lock down.

We were asked to experience the platform and were treated to a canoeing session up the River Thames. The afternoon kickstarted in a beautiful Richmond location on a sunny-ish Saturday afternoon. Our guide was a gentlemen called Piers who runs the tour company, Back of Beyond – these are who Bookado teamed up with to organise the canoeing session!

What to do in london

Our canoeing session with Bookado and Back of Beyond Adventures.

Piers started by kitting us out with life jackets before running through a few safety tips and how to use your canoe or kayak. He was incredibly experienced and breezed through the process filling us with all the information needed but with a sprinkle of fun.

We were a group of around 12 people and it ranged from couples to families. It proved that it would make such a great date idea or family day out!

After all the neccassary intros it was time to hop in our canoe and experience life on the River Thames for ourselves. The water was calm and the sun began to shine down on us. It’s crazy how peaceful such a bustling city can be and we just love it when we find those snippets of tranquility.

The session is incredibly leisurely; we worked as a team to steer the canoe whilst enjoying all the goings on around us. Whether it admiring the beautiful house boats that line the River Thames or pointing out local wildlife, we honestly had such a wonderful and fun time.

what to do in London
what to do in London

Things to note:

The Canoe sesison last around 2.5 hours.

Bring a bottle of water.

Wear shoes that you don’t mind getting wet! There is sometimes a little splash back into the canoe.

Bring your bank card so you can enjoy refreshements at the pub mid-session.

What to do in London
What to do in London
What to do in London

Our session was broken up by pitstops where Piers would tell us a bit about the history of the area. If it wasn’t historic tales it would be funny local stories – all of it super interesting. The anicdotes of days gone by added something extra to the tour.

The route saw us glide past Eel Pie Island and back round with a stop off at The White Swan in Tickenham. This peaceful pub is situated right on the banks of the river. we literally just parked our canoes up and hopped out, straight into the pub!

If you are debating something different to do in London then honestly, this day out is just the ticket. With a vast range of activities, no booking fees and an easy to navigate platform, Bookado is the go-to booking platform for activities in the UK.

whether you’re planning something London-centric with your partner, a stag or hen do or, just a fun day out with your family, head over to Bookado to see what carefully curated activities they have on offer.


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