Patty & Bun: You need to try this veggie burger restaurant in London

We’re always on the hunt for a tasty veggie burger restaurant in London. We love food. It’s as simple as that!

As we’re a couple of non-meat eaters, finding the best veggie burger restaurant in London has become a bit of a competition. We’re always comparing a new burger joint to the last, hoping it exceeds our burger-loving expectations. Most of the times, it usually does! 

Our recent burger experience was no different. Last week we hit up the popular Patty & Bun in Notting Hill for no other reason than, their burgers are excellent. They have even been named as “one of London’s best” by The Evening Standard, so quite the accolade.

Patty & Bun | where to eat in London

Why is Patty & Bun so good?

It’s a super cool and casj eating environment. Pop yourself down and peruse the menu. Whether you’re a veggie like us, or a meat-loving fiend, you’ll find something to fulfil your appetite. Their entire ethos is based on creating the best burger experience. This covers everything from the atmosphere in their restaurants, their friendly staff and of course, the food.

The burgers are fresh AF and the produce is all UK-based. Their London-based bakers, Bread Ahead bakery, serve up the softest brioche buns about and their meat is sustainably sourced from quality Britsh farmers, HG Walter.

Patty & Bun Burger restaurant

Patty & Bun Burger restaurant

What if you’re a vegetarian?

If you’re a veggie like us then in our opinion, that’s even better when visiting the amazing Patty & Bun! Their veggie options are through the roof delicious. They have understood the changing food market and included Vegan chicken nuggets and a tasty bacon alternative too.

You’ll find plant-based offerings such as ‘The Whoopi Goldburger’, which is a tempeh and mushroom fritter, or the ‘Pamela’, which is a plant-based patty. Our favourite part was the way that you can make ANY burger veggie. All you have to do is request that the meat patty gets swapped with a veggie one. It’s free of charge and basically opens up the entire menu to cater to your veggie demands. Amazing, right!

Patty & Bun Burger restaurant
Veggie burger restaurant in London
Veggie burger restaurant in London

If pizza is more your thing, then you should read THIS!

Veggie burger restaurant in London

Where is Patty & Bun?

You’ll find these mouthwatering burger joints dotted all over london, from East to West, which means, you’ll easily be able to satisfy those Patty & Bun cravings. They are also located in The Lanes in Brighton. Check out your nearest restaurant here.

If your a local or weekend tourist, get your chops round a Patty & Bun burger and chips. It’s one of the best veggie burger restaurants in London and you won’t regret it!


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  1. Ooo am always on the lookout for a good vegetarian restaurant in London. Will definitely be taking my best friend here!

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