UK Wellness Retreat

UK Wellness Retreat: Whitecalm, the wellbeing company

UK Wellness Retreat: Whitecalm, the wellbeing company

Look for ways to switch off? Enter, Whitecalm Wellness Retreat, a helping hand when it comes to finding inner calm…

We recently signed up to a platfrom called Kindred. This is an exciting marketplace that focuses on conscious consuming and connecting brands in an authentic way. Jumping on board with these guys just felt like such a natural fit. Their ethos of working alongside brands, content creators and charities is so refreshing.

Reccommeding something you truly love and feel passionate about is so important in the online world we live in today, and this is what Kindred is all about. They believe in giving back. Their platform allows you to give a % of any commisions made when working with them you to a charity of your choice.

See why we’re fans? Well we can’t wait to tell you all about our Kindred and White Calm Retreat collaboration…

We found out about Whitecalm through Kindred and it seemed like the perfect fit. So off we went to experience an overdue day together that was all about our own wellness.

The perfect wellness retreat; Deep Relaxation Day with Whitecalm

The package that we were treated to was called their Deep Relaxation Day – its focus is all about switching off. Life in London can sometimes be hectic; long and busy commutes, rushing around seeing various friends, events, hangovers – we love it, but at times it can feel super fast paced.

The Deep Relaxation Day aims to take you away from the hustle and bustle of your own life and allows to you re-focus your mind. We spent a whole day with a qualified instructor who guided us through a wonderfully calm day of yoga, meditation and a de-stress workshop.

We began our day with coffee and meeting the others in our group session. It didn’t feel like a pressured meet and greet – just a relaxing 15 minutes saying hello and learning about the exact plan for the day.

wellness retreat in the UK
An intimate group enjoying the first yoga session of the day.


We kicked off with Yoga. As a couple that are no-where near as healthy as we should be, it was a real treat to do something good for our bodies. Sometimes you don’t know how much you really need something and stretching out our limbs felt really god damn good. Our yoga instructor was calm and encouraging, everyone was of different abilities and it was a really relaxing and enjoyable environment.

Stretched out and feeling zen we had a break for coffee and fruit before the next part, our guided meditation with essential oils. Over the course of 25 minutes we learnt about different types of essential oils and enjoyed a tranquil meditation experience – it was the most calm we had felt for ages!

wellness retreat in the UK
wellness retreat in the UK

Our wellness retreat location

When it comes to finding the perfect locations to house their retreats, Whitecalm nail it. They uncover the most tranquil spots to deliver their retreats in and we were lucky enough to enjoy ours at Lifehouse Spa in Essex.

The contemporary hotel and spa is in a stunning part of Essex and is sat on 12 acres of land. It’s a perfect escape from London and a beautiful setting – it really enhanced the whole day.

wellness retreats in the UK
Colourful flower gardens to sit and enjoy the sun in.
The grounds were so pretty; ponds and secret gardens everywhere we went.
Thansk to the 12 acres of land attached to Lifehouse Spa it made for a
the perfect location.

A guided walk at Lifeshouse Spa

Part of the day was a walk with our group exploring the beautiful grounds. It was lovely to stretch our legs after devouring a yummy lunch and was a great way to showcase the hotel that Whitecalm had teamed up with.

Once the walk was finished we embarked on the next part of the day; our meditation / pranayama practice. As the weather was wonderfully sunny, we did this in the shade following some cooling refreshments. It was so mind clearing and interesting to learn about breath control and medititation, it was a new experience!

Our group enjoying a relaxing stroll and chilled chats.
Being surrounded by nature just added to the whole ambience of the day.
Throughout the day there were plenty of moments to enjoy the peaceful space we were in.


The day finished up back inside the hotel with a detress workshop. This was an active workshop showing us different postures and techniques that can help with anxiety or sleep problems. A fantastic end to a really great day.

meditation class

Timings wise, we started at 10am and finished up at 4.30pm, it’s a full day with all the lunch and refreshements included in the price. Once 4.30pm came we were also allowed to stay at the hotel and enjoy their beautiful gardens – another lovely touch.

With focus on the location and the expertise of the teacher, Whitecalm really is a wellness retreat worth booking. They have a huge range of different wellness offerings so depending on what you’re after, they’ll have a package perfect for you.


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