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9 things to note when travelling: Travel tips and tricks

Along our adventures there were many things we didn’t need or should have packed, so here are some travel tips and tricks that helped us along the way.

Travel tips and tricks

Save your maps down

Create a series of offline maps for every place you visit in your google maps. When you’re without wifi and need to locate a route, you’ll still be able to use your current location. One of our must-used travel tips and tricks!

Packing cubes

We found these so helpful whilst travelling, especially as you’re moving on so often. It’s easy to store all your clothes in an organised fashion and helps avoid any unpacking and re-packing dramas.

Pack less

We overpacked and ended up leaving SO many pieces in hotel rooms along the way, it was such a waste. The amount of things you can buy in markets will see you through if you need some new clothes.

Always have loo roll and hand sanitiser on you

Depending on where you’re travelling you’ll definitely notice the difference in cleanliness. For us, in the Philippines and India, it was necessary to always have some tissues and an anti-bacterial hand gel on you.

Think ahead re: sun tan lotion

Sun tan lotion is hard to come by in some places and we also found that shops would sell it out of date. We also found it very hard to get any less than factor 60 in Philippines and India so just be aware and stock up.

Download the app Polarsteps

This is a cool app that tracks each destination you visit – it’s a nice way for your friends and family to keep tracks on exactly where you are. or, start an Instagram page a like we did!

Laundry services

There are many laundry services on offer but be warned, it will never be done like it is back home. For example, you might have to stress the fact that blacks and whites do not get washed together. We had some of our favourite white pieces totally ruined due to this.

Check your internal flight baggage allowance

Each internal flight we took we always had to check the baggage allowance as every airline differed. We initially went away with 20kg but some of the flights only offered 15kg as standard. We had to read the small print to realise that we needed to add on the extra 5kg each in order to avoid getting charged a fortune at the airport.

Buy the fresh fruit for snacks

Stumbling across fresh fruit stall was the best when travelling. It was always such a cheap and healthy alternative to breakfast and snacking. We also always had a penknife on us and wet wipes so we could cut and eat on the go.


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