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The best pizza restaurant in London (in our opinion!)

The best pizza restaurant in London (in our opinion!)

Looking for the best pizza restaurant in London? Well, you have come to the right place. as self-confessed pizza lovers, we know a thing or two about where to get your pizza fix in good old London town.

Franco Manca is the bomb. There is no getting away from it. This slice of Italian heaven has been around since the ’80s and was a popular pizzeria in Brixton. Its Italian heritage make it a surefire winner for the yummy crown of the best pizza restaurant in London.

A man called Franco was the original owner before selling the business onto friends back in 2008. Like good friends do, they paid homage to his reputation and renamed the pizzeria Franco Manca (this means Franco is missing in Italian – how sweet!). Thanks to their love of Italian food and skills in artisan baking, they skyrocketed Franco Manca into pizza stardom, resulting in many UK neighbourhoods having a tasty Franco Manca on their doorstep.

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The best pizza in London | Franco Manca Pizza Restaurant in London

Why is Franco Manca the best pizza in London?

Want to know why we think it’s the best pizza restaurant in London? One of the main reasons is the price; their pizzas start from £5! Yes, you heard right. You get a pizza that packs a punch and for a great price too. Tasty, authentic and reasonably priced.

Another reason is their promise to use small producers. Whether that’s in the UK or Italy, their seasonal ingredients are sourced from small scale suppliers leaving you in the knowledge that you’re supporting a good cause. Small suppliers but big taste.

You’ll always be hit with tantalizing daily specials and they have meat, veggie and vegan options. There is a menu for all. We enjoyed two starters and two pizzas at their Victoria brand for around £25. An excellent lunch or dinner option in our opinion.

The best pizza in London | Franco Manca Pizza Restaurant in London

The best pizza in London | Franco Manca Pizza Restaurant in London

Where is Franco Manca in London?

This wonderul little independent has charmed the socks off Londoners and you can now find around 35 Franco Manco stores in the city. There are also plenty of branches outside London too, as well as new stores set to open soon.

Find you local Franco Manca HERE.

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With great pizza, honest prices and an admirable ethic, you’ll be guaranteed an enjoyable and delicious feed at the wonderful Franco Manca.


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  1. Best pizza I’ve tasted in a long time. Glad they have one in Southampton. We’ll definitely be paying them a visit x

  2. I think Franco Manca is quite good and overlooked by a lot of other pizza places such as Pizza Hut and Pizza Express. It’s nice to get to know more pizza places in London. I myself did one on places in South West London where you can takeaway from that give you the option to create your own spicy pizza to your own liking. Hope you’ll be able to read and comment on my post below which tells you more:

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