Staying productive during isolation

Staying productive during isolation

How have you been staying productive during isolation? It’s not the easiest task but we have some new projects that have finally started to kickstart our creativity during this time.

The lockdown measures might have eased here in London but asides from being allowed out multiple times a day and able to drive further afield, nothing much has really changed.

Staying productive during isolation


Neither of us are back at work and as we work for ourselves, we are just counting down the days until we are able to.

Carving our own routine has been pretty tough throughout this entire time. There’s no one telling you to not enjoy that lay in or have that last glass of red before bed. It’s complete self motivation. 

We were in a bit of a rut shall we say. For quite a few weeks pizzas and late nights were the norm and in turn making us feel lazy and unproductive. 

We wondered how to extract ourselves from that black hole until one day, we dragged ourselves out of bed at silly o’clock and got outside to shoot. 

It felt amazing being up so early and the feelings of accomplishment came flooding back. We arrived home at 9am with a bunch of wicked shots to edit and still the whole day ahead of us.


We also made a decision to start YouTube!

This was something that Matt was more keen about than me. We sometimes find Instagram exasperating. It doesn’t matter how much we play the game, we still lose followers. Starting fresh on a new platform seemed like a good idea and a great plan to keep our minds occupied creatively.

Even though it’s extremely nerve wracking putting yourself out there, it’s actually rather enjoyable. The process is a lot more involved than you think too.

From brainstorming ideas and writing a mini script, to filming it all and sitting in front of Premier Pro for hours editing it together in order to create some form of a cohesive watch. Then there comes the thumbnails, keywords and copy to assist the video – yep, it’s long!

We also look at it like a portfolio of our time during lockdown, yes we can admit to being lazy and unmotivated at times, but we did overcome those feelings and try to turn empty days into a positive. 

You can see our first Isolation Diaries HERE, we would be so appreciative if you were to like and subscribe – it’s something we really want to continue once we are out of this shit show.

Part 3 of our Isolation Diaries

It’s not been an easy ride but we are always very aware and grateful that we have our health, happiness, a little garden and a car.

This crazy time has definitely taught us to enjoy the simple things. That takeaway cup of coffee, holding hands during a walk in the park, lazying around watching Netflix and dinner times in the garden. Simple pleasures are the absolute ones right now.

Stay safe and as most things: this too shall pass.

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  1. I’ve been really struggling with trying to stay productive during lockdown. I can really relate to this and I really enjoyed watching the isolation Diaries!

  2. Its nice to see that you have utilised the time constructively and started something new. Good luck for the same..!

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