Secret beach in Mirissa

Secret Beach, Mirissa

We read about Secret Beach in Mirissa on Jonny Melon’s blogand it soon became the highlight of our Sri Lanka trip. It’s not a huge tourist spot which is why we wanted to pay it a visit. Anywhere that is untouched and with less crowds is a huge attraction to us as travellers. It was the locals who originally made Secret Beach in Mirissa welcome to tourists. You’ll find rickety handwritten signs leading you down to the beach and there’s only one place serving up food and beers. 

We caught a tuk tuk from the main strip in Mirissa, it’s a bumpy road so they could only take us so far. So we walked the rest of the way and were luckily directed by those cute little signs. When we finally stumbled on this beautiful little spot we were in awe of how untouched and wonderful it was. The beach was split into two bays with a fishing boat decorating it – it made for Instagram heaven. There were palm trees hanging over the yellow sands and jungle as far as the eyes can see. The waters were a mix of glorious turquoise and deep navy blues – it was paradise.

We spent the entire day here and even stayed for sunset which was epic. The one bar is of course slightly more expensive than the street food spots so it’s worth taking some snacks along with you. But why not treat yourself to a few beers whilst enjoying the sun going down.

Secret Beach, Mirissa

The Details

Travel – Tuk tuk ride – 300 – 500 rupees (the drivers know where Secret beach is)

Costs – Food and drinks – 1000 rupees

Views – Priceless



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