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The best vegetarian restaurant in Coron

There is very little in the way of vegetarian restaurants in Coron but every now and then, we’d stumble across a little gem. The Philippines food offering was definitely a struggle as non-meat eaters.   We found ourselves doing lots of research into good food spots, although not all of them were good! Coron had lots in the way of coffee shops and convenience stores, but places to eat were far and few between. Until, that is, we found the best vegetarian restaurant in Coron called Brujita…

   Brujita, coron  Brujita, coron


Brujita is located on the main road that runs through the town of Coron and is well worth a visit. Its tasty menu boasts strong vegetarian and vegan options such as mungbean curry and homemade falafels. We can highly recommend the chickpea curry and canton veggie noodles as well as the fried mozzerella. They were all seriously scrumptious.

It is owned by a friendly European guy who loves to chat and accomodate anyone who steps inside his restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxed, chatty and welcoming which just enhances the whole experience.

  They offer fish and meat dishes too, so whether you’re a veggie or meat lover, this restaurant is the place to go. It’s worth noting that it gets extremely busy here so arriving when it opens at 5pm is definitely advised. It is the best vegetarian restaurant in Coron after all, we’d expect nothing less!

  Brujita, coron  Brujita, coron  Brujita, coron 




Cost – Prices for appetisers start from 50 php and main meals start from 150 php.

Where – Busuanga Rd, Coron Town Proper, Coron, Palawan

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