Cheap place to stay El Nido

Best place to stay in El Nido

Best place to stay in El Nido

Want to know the best place to stay in busy El Nido? Well we’ve got it and want to let you in on our find!

For those that don’t know, El Nido is very busy and it has been a hot tourist spot for years. Even despite the contaminated water and lack of WiFi anywhere, it still draws in the travellers. This is largely due to those famous island hopping tours, because El Nido really is incredibily beautiful. Whether it’s the rugged mountains that line the bays, the instagrammable turquoise lagoons or the crystal clear waters, it’s the views that make people flock to the area.

The best place to stay in El Nido if you’re on a budget

As with any busy tourist spot, you’ll find accommodation sparse and backpacking these sort of areas will require some pre-planning. We struggled to find anywhere in town until we luckily stumbled across the little gem that is Rasta Family House.

This home-stay is run by Filipino born Loy and UK born Rosie, a husband and wife duo running this cute accommodation next to their home. It’s about 4-5 minutes away on a moped from the main town where all the shops and restaurants are which means it’s just that bit away from the hustle and bustle and touristy vibes, we totally loved that bit.

Cheap place to stay El Nido

The rooms are very basic but, they are big and we’d loved the quirky touches!

Cheap place to stay El Nido

About the rooms at Rasta Family House

The rooms are very basic but, they are big and have the most comfortable beds going, plus a mosquito net (needed in the philippines!). All toilets and showers are shared and there’s a lovely communal area where you enjoy a yummy vegan breakfast each morning.

Rosie is a vegan and loves to cook up something delicious and also tries to get fresh bread in if possible, as treats like that can be tricky in the Philippines!

Cheap place to stay El Nido

Cheap place to stay El Nido

Cheap place to stay El Nido

The benefit of staying here are definitely the hosts, they are full of local knowledge on the top must-see spots. They can also organise the hire of mopeds and any boat trips you might want to do which is super handy too. You can actually read about our Philippines island hopping experiences HERE.

If you’re after a comfy yet rustic stay with easy reach to all the best beaches and amenities, great local advice and awesome chilled chats over a beer, then Rasta Family House is the place to stay in El Nido. It’s very simple, but you don’t go to El Nido to stay in your room all day, you go for those god dam incredible views and beautiful sunsets.


Travel – About 150 pesos from town center by tricycle and worth hiring a moped which is about 600 pesos a day.

Cost – 1400 pesos a night which includes a vegan breakfast

How – Contact Rosie via Instagram for availability

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  1. I absolutely love this blog post! You’ve nailed the location and atmosphere – get me back here to explore more! X

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